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InterCultural Philosophy is an open-access, peer-reviewed, online journal published biannually that is directed at a broad audience interested in a philosophical discourse free from cultural or disciplinary boundaries.

InterCultural Philosophy does not consider philosophy as a separate intellectual or academic domain with clear-cut boundaries, but rather as a general attitude in principle accessible to everyone.

InterCultural Philosophy does not restrict itself to any one understanding of philosophy – all the world’s philosophies and the philosophical approaches of all cultures are invited to make a contribution to the philosophical discourse in InterCultural Philosophy. InterCultural Philosophy gives philosophers and scholars in other disciplines whose work touches upon philosophical issues a forum for a diversified discourse. InterCultural Philosophy seeks dialogue with adjacent disciplines, such as, but not restricted to, anthropology, cognitive science, cultural studies, ethnology, law, linguistics, medicine, psychology, religious studies, social sciences, and theology.

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Whether a submission is selected for publication is decided solely on the basis of its quality, although papers with a thematic connection to contemporary philosophical issues will be given preference. All papers selected for publication will be made available to be downloaded in pdf format from the homepage free of charge.